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PS Never SitOut is a trialware program that has been in existence since 2011.PokerStrategy has been around for the past 8 years teaching people how to be successful at poker.Sold by Derelbe and created in 2007, they have a good support structure via email, FAQ and support forums.

SimpleNash This is a simple, easy to use calculator for Push or fold and raise and fold analysis.PLO Ranger is an easy to use HUD that shows your hand strength while in game.Unfortunately there are no other reviews on this tool however you can read about it in this forum thread.The graphs tab has several different graph options which include viewing your personal results, creating a luck bell curve chart or creating a money flow chart between the various players at a game.

Clear pot odds display to help qualify your next move - check, raise, call or fold.It automatically places your mouse pointer over the fold button of the table that is in the foreground.They offer support in the form of email support. has an additional review on this product.

Selektor is another poker tool that plugs into SharkScope and allows you to automatically make notes based off a predefined set of rules that would have been set when installing this tool.There however is no support aside from a single thread on this forum should you wish to try and contact the owner.Unfortunately there are no additional reviews but you can read on user opinions on this thread.SNG Wizard The SNG Wizard is all about the late game strategy.With Coloring Tool you can create rules which mark ever player in the poker rooms and give you a brief over view of there playing style.Table ninja also comes with a built in table manager which allows you to stack tables and only view the tables of interest when it is your turn to act.

The chart has been around for quite some time and is based on an ICM calculator.You can also assign hot-keys for fold, call, Raise and all in.Table Optimizer is a tool for PokerStars that helps you manage multiple tables at once.Therefore it is not like most other bots out there but more of a teaching bot.And to make sure you are getting what you want, you can adjust any of the game parameters and see in real-time how that will affect the analysis.

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It has a built in opponent statistic builder which can give you the edge you need by gathering information on your opponents playing style.This tool can be used as a postflop calculator in a non-heads-up situation too.

The developers have been making poker tools since 2003 and have made Poker Usher as simple as possible to master.Not only does it calculate your win odds, pot odds and outs but it also attaches to your table without restricting you or hampering your ability to focus on the table by showing you information you do not need.At this point the software that is installed with ease and is user friendly, helps you play the best possible end game.Gam Poker Analyze With a wide array of choices in the poker tool game, picking one can be a daunting experience as most only work on certain poker clients and for certain types of poker.To do this, open the Wizard support, go to the page of the Wizard data support.They have full support and an easy to navigate to contact page. has an additional review on Odds Oracle here.The company started with the idea in 2003 and are constantly improving on the system.Poker4Tuna was started in early 2016 and has a forum for support.Marc MacDonnell's Results, Stats,. Odds Calculator;. € 450 No Limit Hold'em The partypoker Fitzwilliam Poker Championships, Dublin.Poker Sidekick Like Batman and Robyn SideKick by is an exceptional application that has your back and helps you take down pots and pats you on the back when you have done a great job.

The tool also gives you weekly reports that are emailed to you.However this tool is lacking in the support department as it is not readily available.Hand2Note Hand2Note is a tracking database tool with a built in HUD that is easy for most people to use.

An important point to remember about poker calculators is that they are there to teach you.Texas Calculatem ist ein Online-Poker. Dank seiner einzigartigen Eigenschaften haben Sie die Möglichkeit zur Anpassung des Poker-Odds-Rechner für Ihr.Not only does it have a vast array of tools it also supports Holdem, all variations of Omaha and all variations of Stud.In the Demo Mode it will only save 10% of the players it finds in your database.The HUD has almost any statistic you may need on any street you can think of.YOU HAVE THE NUTS ALERT: Eliminates any confusion when you have the best possible hand.

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It will then offer you a course of action based on all the information it has gathered.Then once the initial setup is complete it will scan the lobby and find tables that meet the predefined rules.The software is completely free and has been active online since 2006.Flop Inspector Did you know that there is 22 100 possible flops you can see in a game of Texas Holdem.The full version registration code can be used on two computers.PokerRanger In the next poker tool review we are looking at PokerRanger.All that being said, once you have jumped through a few hoops to get to this point, this tool works really well.Flop Inspector which is an analytical software that helps you understand your game plan preflop.Should you wish to try the tool it can be used for 30 days in trail mode.

TI assist with this by looking at the early deep stack cycle and helps you maintain a decent size stack pre-break and will even be able to help you with the ever difficult all in or fold scenario.Some of the more pertinent information is displayed on the table itself.After the trail they have a payment ladder which gives you discount for opting for a longer subscription.Should you need to step away from your computer, it will sound an alert to let you know when it is your turn to play.

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