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. != -1) { var loc_sp = url.split("#"); if(loc_sp[1] && loc _sp[1. true, swtor: true. results > li.add-search-result.Customization Control: Hide Head Slot is now discounted by 20%.I hope they at least have the decency to fix the double hood bug, light grey chestpeice bug, and brown instead of black and red bug on the legs.It would make more sense if the cartel dyes were on their own page in cosmetics or something.Customization Control: Display Titles is now permanently discounted.

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To add Dye to a piece of gear, simply open the Item Modification Window and place the Module into the new Dye Module slot.To add Dye to a piece of gear, simply open the Item Modification Window and place the Module into the new Dye Module slot. //swtor.gamepedia.com/index.php?title.It is highly recommended that all colors be previewed before the Dye Modules are applied to any piece of gear.Updated the opacity of item tooltips to allow Dye Modules colors to be seen properly.

As mentioned above, the schematics for some craftable Dye Modules will be obtained from certain Reputation vendors throughout the galaxy.Some games take it even further and let you actually name your gear.NOBODY is forcing you to buy anything from cartel market. 99% of the stuff from Cartel Market ends up on GTN.So I have recently bought a black/white dye module. Discussion Dye modules should have a Collection unlock. then let you slot primary and secondary dye.Subscribers will now see proper Unlocked indicators at Character Creation for Species that they have access to.The Major Experience Boost consumable is now permanently discounted.

This page is not meant to keep you from following the link you've clicked on. It is just a warning that you are about to leave this website. To go to this page, click.Players can also use the kiosk to access and unlock brand new character customization options.Level I and Level II Unlocks now state that they reduce the cooldown on Priority Transport: Personal Starship by 8 hours each to a minimum of 1 hour.


Blog and original image content is copyright to Kristina Hunter aka Dulfy.Unlock: Additional Quickbar (Account) is now discounted by 20%.

This caught my eye the other day on the swtor sub-reddit:. 4 character slots,. about the actual good dye module options an Artificer can make being tied to.Legacy unlocks that are purchased using Credits will now provide a confirmation window.Players of any Faction, Class, or gender can now play as the Cathar Species.As a side note, I am psyched that Artifice is getting some new toys, we have been hit really hard by CM crystals and impossibility to create high level offhands like we used to post 2.0.Height › Sima Keyword Mihov Schweiz Erfahrung. loc=misc=" border. Bakery Webshop WebsiteBaker Shop Module released as open source.

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The new Appearance Designer by AestheTech has been added to Dromund Kaas, Coruscant, and the Republic and Imperial Fleets.swtorpotato / gist:4986ca6155db340f81d0. Created Jan 13,. Embed Embed this gist in your website. < Value Value = " A Dye Module with primary color White and.Dark Side Corruption will now display properly in the Preview Window.Edmonton Oilers finish street journey along with 2-1. a Edmonton Oilers finish street journey along with 2-1 conquer. for those who add forums.SWTOR decorations guides, stronghold prices, and deco screenshots!.


If a Dye Module containing only the primary color dark blue is applied, the armor will now be dark blue in its primary areas and orange in its secondary areas.

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We are very plainly not going to be able to pick and chose our colors, we will be stuck with the few colors they offer. Lame.


Woo hoo, I never even though of having the reverse of every colour too.

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EA may never make the Crap Market pay-to-win, but it eventually end up being pay-to-be-unannoyed.Players will now be properly granted PvP Achievements for Solo Kills, Killing Blows, Total Kills, Damage, and Healing.Customization Control: Unify Colors (Account) is now discounted by 40%.Is likely to appreciate it for those who add forums. Daca dna cauta un loc mai deosebit poate sa incerce cu. http://freegoldgenerator.top/swtor-cartel-coins.space station blueprints - Google. and its many planets and inhabitants who add an. column of "coin slots" as "system diagnostic ports" and the.Removed the 13th Scar Character Customization Option for Female Rattataki Sith Inquisitors, as it was identical to Scar 12.

Customization Control: Display Titles (Account) is now permanently discounted.Decreased the instance population cap on Imperial and Republic Fleet Stations as well as several planets.

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Hilts and upgrades were usefull and could bring money, but only if you managed to get trough the superhard operations, and even then only if you were lucky enough to get just the one recipe you need and then were lucky to roll.Customization Control: Display Legacy Name and Titles is now discounted by 50%.Home→Special→ Dye Modules in Game Update. have Dye Module slots? Cory: All Cartel Market. You can then add Dye Modules to the rest of your items as you.

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To add Dye to a piece of gear, simply open the Item Modification Window and place the Module into the new Dye Module slot. Once slotted in gear, Dye Modules. swtor.

Players are now able to purchase a Name Change from the Cartel Market.Whispers sent to an offline character will no longer be forwarded to an online character on the same account.

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